Enjoying the small things & weekly weightloss journey update

Hello world! I have just woken up from a nap, it’s 3:06pm as I start to write this and I just feel that naps are one of life’s little pleasures that we should be able to enjoy more.

I have joined a couple of facebook groups about developing your blog and boosting traffic using SEO and tags etc – and people don’t half post a load of crap right? I’d rather have a smaller amount of organic views etc than beg people to read my posts!

I would say I’ve had a really productive week this week, and you may think that a Thursday is a bit of an odd day to do a ‘weekly’ update on my weightloss journey, but it’s all with good reason. Typically I would start my week on a Monday but by Saturday and Sunday I would binge out of boredom and justify it with “Starting again on Monday”. So far i’m on day 15 of eating / exercise to plan, and I am feeling a lot better within my little head.

So this past week my student group are away from the classroom meaning I had an opportunity to take some Annual Leave. I’ve worked both Monday and Tuesday and then taken three days off last week & again this week. It feels great, it’s a real break that I needed.

Joe’s only day off in a week is a Wednesday and last wednesday we had planned to go for a long walk but it was raining and we were pretty disapointed, however, this week the weather did us proud and we spend two hours walking along Eastbourne’s picturesque seafront. We walked from the Sovereign Centre end of the front, up to the pier and went on a little adventure down by Fisherman’s green. We found a lot of washed up dead crabs and even a dogfish (possibly? Joe thinks it was a dogfish, looked mini-sharkish)


We love wandering accross the beaches and seeing what we can find. As we were walking the sun began to set and the sky turned from a bright blue to yellow, pink, purple and red – it was beautiful. One of my most favourite things in nature is watching the sky change colour and seeing how the clouds are hit by the colours etc.



We walked up and on to Eastbourne Pier, which although it is not what it used to be, it’s still nice for a wander and a great focus for a photo. The gold additions to the exterior pop so much in a photo! We played in the arcades because we are big kids and then strolled home together hand in hand. CUTE.


Joe did not really want his photo taken as he did not have any gel in, but he did let me catch this one, my little love.

In terms of weightloss this week, below is my ‘overview’

The positives 3lbs lost | 4 Boxing sessions | hit 20,000 steps yesterday | a positive outlook

The negativesFelt obliged to eat an unhealthy dinner on Friday night and it gave me the most awful stomach cramps as I walked home in a thunderstorm | I have a cold!

Goals for this coming week – Hydrate| Prepare meals for the next day | Stay focussed – it’s so easy to get discouraged when the results aren’t showing quickly. I’m currently looking to lose 2lbs a week and it can feel like a long game. 

How was your week?

Have you ever visited Eastbourne?


The first of many weightloss posts

Fat bits. Fat bits are something that most people in 2018 see as an issue, or deformity on their body. I haven’t read any statistics lately but i can imagine the rise in body related mental health issues is shooting through the roof thanks to the ever growing social media influence and internal narration of how we should be leading our lives.

I know for sure that had I have been a 14 – 15 year old girl with access to social media the way it is now, that actually my own body image and relationship with my appearance could have been a lot worse than it was.

Just as a bit of background, at 21 years old i was told that I had a ‘fatty liver’ and to lose weight. I had always known I was overweight but never really cared – I just assumed the ‘loud and proud’ personality, You know the one. I lost five stone within a year and this sparked the ever demanding relationship between controlling my weight and striving for skinnier.

Even after I lost the five stone, I was not satsified and was trying to lose more. Due to the frustrations of this, I just ended up piling weight back on as I was not happy. Fast forward a few years and I’d tried a fair few diets, the scales had gone up and down more times than I’d gone up and down the stairs, and my emotional ability to cope with the demands was wearing thin.

In the winter of 2016 I had a fairly un-demanding job role which bored the life out of me, so I decided to join an all-females boxing gym to help with losing weight once again, and to make my evenings more social and exciting as I was slowly losing the will to live in my job. I lost weight quite quickly again. this time round I had incorporated weightlifting and my body had changed shape, I was really happy – dropped a few dress sizes, felt super confident, had a few dates and eventually fell in love. In the early stages of our relationship we went out for dinner about three times a week, ate chocolate and binged watched netflix, and as quickly as I could scoff a box of krispy kremes, i put on four stone.

I recognise that I have to have strict control over my eating habits for them to remain balanced and productive for my body, but with a few mental health blips and overrides of anxiety, it’s not always easy to remain in control. I also recognise that having strict control is mentally as unhealthy as binge eating – but for me I have to accept one extreme or the other and this is the best out of the two.


I have decided to take back control, stick two fingers up to anything that wants to get in my way, and regain my body confidence that I had a couple of years ago. As a part of my blog I want to doccument this so in the future, there’s something to return to and remind myself to stay motivated.

As this is a long post overall I’ll keep the week 1 updates breif, it’s been positive overall and I’m happy with the outcomes. Hopefully moving forward I can add more photos of food & exercise to my instagram feed for you to see.

This week’s overview –

The positives 5lbs lost | 4 Boxing sessions | 12-15000 steps a day | Sleeping better | Drinking more water & less Pepsi Max

The negativesDifficult time at work | Mother nature’s visit | Being unwell

Goals for this coming week – Stay focussed | Keep going | Remain positive


What keeps you positive when working towards a goal?


Being a resilient woman in 2018

resilient adjective (of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

Resilience is one of those strange things that you’re never really taught at school (if you went to school in the 00’s) and a word that I have noticed people do not often seem to use. Most people that I work with struggle to understand the terminology of resilience, and I often explain it as being like an elastic band and being stretched to your limit through stress or upset, and then returning and managing normal activities at a quick pace and being able to process and cope with all. It’s an ability to cope wth life’s difficult times.

four years ago, my father passed away, and it was not until then that I realised the strength I had to continue through an emotionally damaging time. Since then, the word resilient is something I use to describe myself on a weekly basis. I sit and watch as friends and families fall apart and are unable to cope with the stresses they face, and I listen to the frustations of how the future will never change etc. When I tell them that they have control over their future they never listen to those words, but that’s the reality of life. We cannot change what has happened, but we can change how we react, how much of our positivity it steals, and what we do moving forward.

Having a career in the education field, whilst not being a qualified teacher, requires a lot of this magical stuff, and I am going to share with you a few of my most valuable top tips for remaining resilient and coping with the obstacles of life. I work with 16-25 year old disengaged people who are looking to boost their employability skills. This often presents me with a group of up to 16 very different personalities and very different needs.

with each group there is always one or two that really do test your ability to remain calm and resilient and return each day with a smile, but on the flip side of that, there are always one or two who make everything worthwhile and appreciate the impact you have in their lives. Excellent.

When I am under pressure or stressed my typical behaviours would be to isolate myself, stay indoors all weekend eating my way through the cupboards and/or cry. None of this is needed and absoloutely none of it is productive. It may take a while of self-loathing and wallowing in my own shit pile until I recognise that something needs to change, but ultimately the time always comes where I have the internal conversation and give myself a firm kick up the bum. I have recently got to this point and a couple of days ago decided to make the changes needed to cope with my current stresses, and remain positive and enjoy life rather than wasting my days being miserable.

Here’s what I rely on as an ultimate ‘pick me up’

  • Exercise – It can be any exercise, but for me I love boxing when I’m stressed. The physical action of punching things (legally) is an amazing stress reliever for me. I have heard from others that running is also excellent for stress releif as you can put all of your energy into the speed and distance you go. Ultimately any form of exercise will release happy chemicals in the brain, but if you have never tried boxing I urge you to try it at least once.
  • Eating right – Probably one of the more difficult things to change when you’re having a rough few weeks, but doing a big food shop and ensuring the food you have in ‘stock’ is healthier, can make all the difference. Bulk cooking and storing meals that you can pop in the microwave can help as it means you do not have to cook after a hard day at work. I have also started eating dinner at my mums house after work as otherwise I end up eating alone and that can be a negative experience when you’re facing stresses also, or you just wont bother doing it. Make sure you’re eating a balanced intake, not forgetting to get some protein in too as that makes a big difference to your body. I always become a bit of a carb monster when I’m stressed, in the sense of if I eat carby foods my mood can be disgusting and I’m not always the best version of myself. When I begin to eat better I sleep better, feel better and make better choices. It impacts everything. (I will be sharing some of my food / exercise journey posts in future)
  • Bubble baths – People laugh at me for this one, but it is my ultimate favourite comforter. A hot bath full to the brim with bubbles is like being wrapped up in a safety blanket. It can make everything appear brighter even if only for 10 minutes. Indulge and allow yourself time to relax.
  • Talking – Having a strong support network is crucial to coping with difficult times, and if you do not have this, then join some groups online, become active, have a presence and this will develop. My boyfriend works away so we talk on the phone probably about 10 times a day in little bits between our working hours, and this is a great opportunity for both of us to offload how our day has gone without it directly impacting the other through having to spend the evening with a grumpy partner. I am also really lucky to have a really supportive mum who is always there for a cuddle and a chat. My ‘Support network’ is small, but solid. People sometimes think a support network has to be multiple people, but quality over quantity my friends.
  • Starting every day as a fresh day – Obviously if something is super stressful and present in your life, it will still be looming over your head daily but one thing I always try to do is wake up each morning and start again. It does not matter what happened yesterday, it almost does not matter what is happening tomorrow. I see it as I have control of my day, and control of me, and I am going to have a positive day. I never really argue with others, but if an argument happens as soon as I have slept I’ll lose any hostility or negativity towards the other party as it takes up too much of my happiness to be an angry person.

The little things in life are sometimes the best things to get us through, cuddles, soft blankets, warm porridge on a cold morning, seeing the sunset and watching babies laugh.

Each day is a new day, and a fresh chance to make a difference. Find beauty in the small things, and the bigger things will become more managable. Never let someone take away your sparkle.


What’s on our Travel Bucket List?


Over the past year Joe and I explored three of the Canary Islands, I’ve also been to Majorca and Turkey but we’re both quite inexperienced travellers and I cannot wait for that to change. We constantly talk about taking a trip somewhere and love the idea of exploring, but this adulthood thing quickly brings us back down to earth and instead we pay bills. I’m a bit of a planner, and as it just happens naturally I may as well tell you about the places I want to visit in the next few years.

At the top of the list, we have Disney world Orlando!  Joe and I went to Disneyland Paris in April 2017 and ever since then, I have been super duper keeno to head to Disney world Flordia and also just as excited to check out all of the other theme parks in close proximity. I’m a big kid at heart, and love the environment of these places.  It’s an expensive trip, but definitley at the top of my travel bucket list.

BeFunky Collage.png

2 & 3 are more closer to home. First off Shipwreck beach in Zakynthos, Greece. I’ve seen loads of photos of this beach over time and I have just fallen in love with the landscape. It’s a cute little island and I’d like to pop this in my plans for summer 2019.

then we have Hotel Paradiso in Ibiza. I have never wanted to go to Ibiza to party, Lord knows I can’t handle the hangovers anymore anyway, but something has always drawn me to want to witness the sunsets of Ibiza. When I saw this hotel’s pastel theme and cute 70’s vibe, I was already sold and I know I have to take a trip there.

Number 4 is further afeild again, the beautiful Sri Lanka. I have been interested in visiting Sri Lanka for a while now, and not only fascinated by the scenery but intrigued by the cultures also. Another main interest of Sri Lanka for me is Elephants. My favourite.

2.pngAt number five we have Canada. Now, Canada is not somewhere I necessarily would have picked out of a hat. The idea of being cold does not always sit well with me, and of course it’s super far away, however, Joe wants to visit Canada so much. I would say it is at the top of Joe’s list, and that makes it important to me too. The reason I wold love to visit Canada is to see the pure enjoyment as Joe explores and to experience it with him, and I cannot lie, the photo’s of Canada are incredible.

Number 6 and last for now is Rome, Italy. The collosseum is somewhere both Joe and I have wanted to visit, and we have spoken about it ever since we first met. As it’s a Europe trip, I’m hoping we can visit Rome in 2019. I do struggle with city trips as they’re typically a busy area and I am not too good when I get caught in the hustle and bustle of city life however I feel Rome would be worth it.

So that’s it for my current travel bucket list – what’s on yours? Have you visited any of these places before? Do you have any tips for me?

All photos are from google search

Lorna Rose


5 places you MUST visit in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura was mine and Joe’s first holiday as a couple, and Joe’s first time out of the country. We both are huge fans of sand between our toes, sunshine and cocktails so I knew we wanted to head somewhere that was garunteed to be sunny – in December! We googled where the hottest places were, worked out what was in our price range and booked it. From my experience, here are five places I would definitley reccomend that you visit if you are heading to Fuerteventura anytime soon.

We stayed in a hotel on the outskirts of Corralejo, which although it was a 20-30 minute walk from the town, it was only a five minute walk to the softest sand we had ever felt.  We did not really plan too much based on location or things to do, we just threw ourselfs into it. Corralejo beach became a firm favourite and we strolled along the sand most mornings dipping our feet into the aqua rock pools and enjoying the sunshine.

  1. Corralejo
Corralejo Beach

The sand is extremely soft and the rockpools created from volcanic rock are really cool. I would certianly say that children would love exploring on these beaches. Although it was somewhat windy (in December remember) I do not recall the water being rough or dangerous at any point that we were there.

Corralejo Beach

Isla de Lobos is in view of Corralejo beach as seen in the above photo, and i believe you can head over there on a day trip though I have read that it is more suited to hiking / walking rather than swimming or sunbathing.

2. Playa de Sotavento

Another beautiful long sandy beach, nearer the south of the Island. What we really enjoyed about this beach was the adventure of the rocks. It’s a bit of a theme of mine and Joe’s holidays – We just enjoy climbing and exploring and seeing the beach from a different point of view than the typical tourist. This beach was buiser than Corralejo in December, and busy places are not my favourite however I would definitley spend some time here as it’s not as busy as some other beaches.

Sotavento Beach

3. Cofete

To get to this incredible beach you’ll need a car – and if you’re hiring one, I’d suggest a 4×4 or something a bit more stable due to the hour or so drive up and over a mountain to get here. This has to be one of my favourite views I think I have ever seen. I believe this beach is ideal for windsurfing and it was a bit rougher and because of this we didn’t swim here, joe almost lost his flipflop though. When we went to this beach it was absoloutely empty which I loved and it was definitley worth the difficult drive.

Cofete Beach

4. Oasis Park

This is a must see even if you do not have kids in tow. I  love seeing animals and learning about them, and I was drawn to Oasis Park for the simple fact they had Elephants. En-route to the elephants I saw that you can feed giraffes – and it’s amazing. I never imagined I would be feeding a giraffe on my winter sun holiday but it’s another super fond memory of this holiday. As with any animal attraction where you can feed them, after a while the animals do get a full belly so I’d advise heading straight for the giraffes to avoid dissapointment. you can pay something like 2 or 3 Euros for a bag of food.

Oasis Park

5. Ajuy

We did not intend on visiting Ajuy however we only hired a car for one day, and did a bit of a beach hopping tour around the island. If you like caves and watching water crash against the rock formations from above then Ajuy is a must see. The caves are about a 15 minute walk from the car park, flipflops are definitley not the one for this adventure. I struggled massively on the rocks in my flipflops so if you do head here, take some trainers or similar. If you haven’t been to any other of the Canary Islands, this is a really cool place to experience the ‘Black Sand beaches’. Whilst i’m not the biggest fan of the black sand, the whole experience of Ajuy was lovely and well worth a visit.

Ajuy Beach

Would i visit Fuerteventua again? One hundered percent.

Depending on what time of year it is, if I returned i would either stay in Jandia or back in Corralejo again. Whilst Jandia is beautiful, it is super busy even in winter, which for me does dampen my holiday experience slightly so I would probably avoid Jandia in the hotter months.

CAR TIP – Make sure you organise your car hire before your trip. We didn’t, and it cost over 100 Euro for a day (AWFUL).

Corralejo Beach December 2017

Have you visited these places before? What were your experiences? or are you planning a trip soon?

As a new blog I’d love to interact with some readers either via comments, instragram or twitter.

Have a lovely weekend

Lorna Rose

Introducing Lorna Rose Gordon

The awkward first blog post, eh? here it goes!

I am sure there must be a fancy word for the feeling where you want something more in life, but really struggle to find the energy or enthusiasm to seek out what it could be. Well, let’s welcome my little blog to the world. After a full week’s work of ‘making people employable’ and dealing with adult temper tantrums, I find it particularly difficult to do anything other than relax when it comes to the weekend. Social life? disappeared. Boyfriend? Driving a lorry across the country singing to 80’s music on the radio. Family? Fabulous yet somewhat irritating in big doses, only minimal contact allowed on Saturdays and Sundays.

I quickly recognise that I need a hobby of some sort. My last ‘hobby’ should we say, was boxing. Absolutely loved it, but the cost shot through the roof during their re-haul and I moved too far for my little legs to walk to, do an hours exercise, and then walk back home avoiding little Tesco’s chocolate aisle.

Adulting is a difficult task and I often see social media posts from friends, people I went to school with, people I do not even know, making a statement about their lack of enjoyment in life and I hear ya! I really do, but we have choice on our side.

We all work hard, we are all exhausted. I could do with getting my big ol’ but into action and exploring more, taking in the surroundings and enjoying life’s little pleasures.

So here is my little introduction to my blog. It’s about having a hobby, keeping busy, staying motivated and being happy – and then telling the world wide web about it in hopes I inspire or encourage at least one person, or at best put a smile on some faces.